HOPE Atlanta provides a comprehensive approach to address homelessness and provide solutions that promote lifelong stability.
Volunteers help HOPE Atlanta in their work with individuals and families who are in crisis. The “job” is rewarding and always interesting. Our volunteers, who enjoy traveling themselves and come from diverse backgrounds.
Your generous contribution helps us to advance a network of nonprofit organizations in support of our mission to assist individuals and families who are in transition, in crisis, and disconnected from their support systems.

About HOPE Atlanta

HOPE Atlanta is proud to be one of the preeminent social service agencies in Metropolitan Atlanta providing a safety net for low-income travelers, newcomers and residents in crisis. Only a handful of other social service agencies have had the longevity (115 years) and impact that we have had in Metropolitan Atlanta, providing assistance (i.e. emergency shelter, food, transportation and counseling) to more than 15,000 people annually and over one million individuals since its inception in 1900.